Peace of Mind With Surgical Insurance

Our customers have shared with us that one of their greatest fears when it comes to surgery overseas is ‘what if there is a problem that doesn’t arise until I am back home?’ We listened and that’s why we offer our customers the ability to take out surgical insurance for a small fee. Our insurance will cover the cost of flights, accommodation and any additional surgery that may be required. Surgical Insurance is our guarantee to you so that you can rest at ease knowing that even if the worst eventuates you are protected.

First 100,000 THB $250
100,000 – 200,000 THB $400
200,000 THB and above $500

Terms and Conditions

  • All cover is valid for 365 days from date of surgery.
  • Surgical Insurance covers the cost of your revision surgery and travel. All revision surgery must be performed by the original operating surgeon.
  • Revision surgery is at the discretion of the original operating surgeon. Surgical Insurance redemption can only take place once confirmation has been received from the operating surgeon that a revision procedure is required.
  • Only valid for revision surgery cases. Redemption is not valid for cases that do not require revision surgery.
  • Flights and Accommodation will be booked at the same class standards as the original trip. e.g. If you traveled Qantas economy and stayed at a 5-star hotel you will be booked at these standards.
  • Travel must be booked and paid by Bodyline Patient Care. Travel expenses cannot be redeemed in cash.
  • Surgical Insurance only covers plane ticket(s) and hotel + transfers to and from Hospital/Hotel. It does not include meals, room service, travel insurance or spending money.
  • It is a requirement that you have followed the pre and post-operative guidelines, and have followed surgeons instructions. You must also have had a consult with an Australian doctor either in person or Via Skype as he will liaise with the operating surgeon the exact medical issues you are experiencing.
  • Surgical Insurance is invalid for emergency medical treatment, treatment for infections and scar revision.
  • Smoking is deeply harmful to the healing process and therefore voids all insurances.
  • Eyelid Surgery, Hair Transplant, Pectoral Implants are not covered by Surgical Insurance unless expressly stated in writing by the operating surgeon