Our Surgeons

It is more important than ever when traveling abroad that the absolute best in surgical experience is used. That is why Bodyline Patient Care has committed to providing our customer’s only the best surgeons available. While our surgeons may not be the cheapest we can assure you they are the best, which is why we have no trepidation in backing that up with our Surgical Insurance Guarantee.

Furthermore we are able to offer all clients a personal consultation prior to departing. This consult is very important as it prevents those with unusual body types/conditions from disappointment that would otherwise occur when they arrive in Bangkok and are told by the Surgeon that the required procedure is either much greater in depth (and therefore cost) or sadly not appropriate at all.

Bodyline Patient Care’s chief surgeon is Dr Chartchai who is one of Thailand’s most prestigious and highly recognized reconstructive and plastic surgeons. With his qualifications in reconstructive surgery on top of plastic surgery Dr Chartchai is able to provide a much greater depth of knowledge and experience. You can learn more about him below.

Who is Dr Chartchai?

Dr. Chartchai is Bangkok’s leading board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He has made a lifelong commitment to the art and practice of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is his passion and this becomes clear as patients consult with him.

When Dr. Chartchai consults with a patient, he considers each as a unique individual with unique needs and expectations. He understands that his patient’s decision to seek a surgical procedure is not made lightly, but with considerable thought. He considers a patient’s desires and needs as a whole, and won’t agree to extreme or inappropriate surgery procedures that are out of balance and harmony with a natural-looking outcome appropriate for the individual patient.

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Bodyline Patient Care were terrific. From the moment I called them to the moment I came home I couldn’t have asked for more.

Claire Waters

Nobody provides better service and looks after their customers better than Bodyline Patient Care. I have told all my friends about them.

Jennifer Thomas

I was initially concerned about having a surgery procedure overseas but Dr Zac and Bodyline Patient Care were great. They were with me every step of the way.

Thomas Sand