Today’s society places a strong emphasis on a slender, youthful appearance. This is not just the case for women but also men as well. Men often want to look younger to remain competitive in the work force and/or those who are divorced and dating again want to project an image of vitality to lure potential mates. In the quest for the best Bodyline Patient Care has specifically designed plastic surgery packages for men. Furthermore when it comes to the more challenging surgeries like Hair Transplants, Pectoral Implants and Rhinoplasty Bodyline has partnered with surgeons that specialise in these areas.

Bodyline Patient Care’s staff has over 12 years experience in guiding men through the ups and downs of plastic surgery procedures internationally. Whilst our competitors run from a cost comparison basis we run our business based foremost on the quality of the surgeon, the hospital and overall patient experience. Nothing is more costly physically, emotionally and financially than a surgery or procedure that has not met expectations, or worse, has complications. In all we do quality first and formost.

The chief consideration for a man in choosing what procedures he will have is the visibility of scars after the surgery. How long will the incisions be? Where will the sutures be placed? These are considerations because men, unlike women, often can’t hide scars underneath a hairstyle.

Plastic Surgery Packages For Men

When it comes to having plastic surgery in Thailand there are 2 ways to go about it. Through a group plastic surgery tour or privately (either by yourself or with friends).

Those that long for the camaraderie of a group approach should contact us about our upcoming regarding our Plastic Surgery Tours.

Whilst those that wish the privacy of going with friends or even going alone also have nothing to fear. Bodyline staff will be on the ground with you each day (you can see a full breakdown of what’s included here). As each client’s circumstances are different we will tailor the package specifically for your needs.

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